How to polish headlight: step by step guide and materials needed

We teach how to do the service at home, removing yellow and returning brightness and transparency to the car headlights. To know more, check out: best headlight restoration kit

Car headlights are an important component for the driver, so their good maintenance is not just a matter of aesthetics, but of safety. Unfortunately, the piece is also subject to premature wear, becoming cloudy or yellowish. At that time, there is a homemade solution, although laborious: we teach you how to polish the lighthouse.

Polishing is a service that goes beyond cleaning, as it removes the most superficial layer of materials when it is worn out. So doing this with headlights is similar to polishing cars, although it is easier to do at home.

Ideally, professionals specialized in the service are more suitable. As polishing the headlight is a process that wears out the piece, it requires care. However, if the vehicle owner feels willing to get heavy at work and is sure of what he is doing, he can save money and do it at home.

The guide on how to polish the headlight that you see below is a compilation of tips from the internet, selected by those that are indicated by most people. The AutoPapo not done this service, and recommends caution in the time to execute it. If in doubt, look for a professional.

What are the products for polishing headlamps?

The following materials are needed to polish the car's headlights:

· Cotton or microfiber flannels

· Tow

· Sponge or soft loofah

· Polishing paste

· Fine sandpaper, between 1000 and 2000 (ex .: 1200, 1500 and 2000)

· Wide masking tape or similar

· Soap or neutral detergent

· Hose, spray or water spray

· Rubber gloves if you want to protect your hands from the products used

How to polish the headlight?

There is a step-by-step process for homemade polishing, and it must be followed exactly so that the service gives the desired result. Remembering that it will only solve in the case of medium wear. If the part is cracked or peeling, it is best to change it or seek a professional.

Preparation for polishing

First, find the right place. Headlights should be polished in the shade, out of direct sunlight. However, it is also important that the location is not dark, as it will be necessary to observe the progress of the work in detail.

How to polish headlight - sand the surface

To start the polishing phase, first spray the piece with water to keep it moist. Also, wet the sandpaper and pass it over the lens gently and in repetitive movements, in a straight line. Circular movements are not recommended. In the meantime, do not let the surface dry out by spraying water from time to time to avoid excessive wear of the part.

Polishing the car headlights with polishing paste

The second stage of how to polish the headlight makes use of the polishing compound. With a tow, apply the product over the entire lens in a circular motion. Then, wait for the substance to dry for a few moments.

Consult the instructions on the polishing paste packaging, which will give more details on how to apply that specific product.

Then, take the flannel and polish the piece with strong, circular movements. You should keep sanding your car's headlights until their surface glows. This will take considerable time, and a lot of patience, muque and persistence.

In the process of polishing the headlamp, it may also be necessary to apply more than one coat of the polishing compound, always spreading it with force and circular movements. After polishing, take a piece of clean tow and remove the dough.

It is also possible to perform this step with a polishing machine, the polishing machine. However, it requires more experience as it can damage the headlight if used incorrectly.

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